Wel­co­me to AFE

Air Fröh­lich Engi­nee­ring stands for high level Heat Exch­an­gers, custom-made since 1972.

We set benchmarks

Over the last five deca­des, we gained know­ledge and skills on the manu­fac­tu­ring of indus­tri­al Heat Exch­an­gers. This exten­si­ve expe­ri­ence is reflec­ted in our daily work.

Swiss qua­li­ty

We deve­lop and pro­du­ce with our in-house deve­lo­ped pro­cess­ses and tech­ni­ques in East Switz­er­land. Having it all in one place we are able to meet the hig­hest expectations. 

Newest tech­no­lo­gy

Highly skil­led pro­fes­sio­nals ensure that our pro­ducts are tech­no­lo­gi­cal­ly advan­ced and of high quality.


Before, during and after a purcha­se of our instal­la­ti­ons, we sup­port you on a per­so­nal and pro­fes­sio­nal level, reli­able and always right on time.

Con­ta­ct persons

Our experts are happy to assist you to find the best tech­ni­cal solu­ti­on that meets your needs.

Cor­po­ra­te history

Five deca­des of inno­va­ti­on made in Switzerland.

The AFE-Story begins

Frank Fröh­lich, a pioneer in the area of heat recup­era­ti­on, starts deve­lo­ping Heat Exch­an­gers in the late 50’s. He founds an indi­vi­du­al company.


Frank Fröh­lich regis­ters a patent for his Glass Plate Heat Exchanger.


1972 & 74

Frank Fröh­lich founds Air Fröh­lich AG for energy recup­era­ti­on. Only two years later, the com­pa­ny is sold to the Arbo­nia-Fors­ter group and relo­ca­ted to Arbon (TG).


Ano­t­her two years later, the first alu­mi­ni­um plate Heat Exch­an­gers are produced.



The Seven­ties are the decade of new deve­lo­p­ments at AFE: the com­pa­ny invents Heat Exch­an­gers with glass tubes, flue gas and, in 1979, the ANOX air heater.




The first Heat Exch­an­ger with PTFE tubes is instal­led in a waste inci­nera­ti­on plant.



40 yours after the foun­da­ti­on of Frank Fröhlich’s indi­vi­du­al com­pa­ny, the unique COAX-System is app­lied for the first time in a Smoke Gas/Water Heat Exch­an­ger. Two years later, the com­pa­ny is cer­ti­fied by the SQS (Swiss Asso­cia­ti­on for Qua­li­ty and Manage­ment Sys­tems) accord­ing to ISO 9001.



Manage­ment Buy Out (MBO) and foun­da­ti­on of Air Fröh­lich Engi­nee­ring AG by today’s owner Rolf Alle­mann, cur­rent CEO Chris­toph Alle­mann and former head of sales, Dino Keller.


Three years later, the com­pa­ny moves into a newly reno­va­ted office buil­ding, next to a pro­duc­tion site which is also reno­va­ted in 2010. 


The lar­gest order in the company’s histo­ry inclu­des 93 COAX modu­les, deli­ve­r­ed to Pye­ong­taek in Corea.