Clea­ning devices

Custom made clea­ning equip­ment for your Heat Exchanger.

The sui­ta­ble system for every application

Our clea­ning devices can be used either during a standstill period or during ope­ra­ti­on of the heat exch­an­ger to give your Heat Exch­an­gers shine.

Our expe­ri­ence has shown that the best clea­ning results are obtai­ned with water. Dif­fe­rent sys­tems have been deve­lo­ped for the dif­fe­rent app­li­ca­ti­ons. Con­ta­ct us. Tog­e­ther we will find your custom made solution.

Clea­ning devices

We supply clea­ning devices cus­to­mi­zed for the heat exch­an­gers for an effec­ti­ve wash and brush up.

Fixed nozzle pipes

Initi­al­ly desi­gned for opti­mum clea­ning of PTFE tube heat exch­an­gers, the system also obtains excel­lent results for COAX heat exch­an­gers, if suf­fi­ci­ent washing water is avail­ab­le. To incre­a­se the clea­ning effi­ci­en­cy, inter­nal clea­ning is also pos­si­ble. This com­pri­ses several clea­ning hoses that branch direct­ly out of the main tube and that are led to the inte­rior of the tube bundle.

Mobile clea­ning

If the inte­rior of the tubes of PTFE tube heat exch­an­gers requi­res clea­ning, mobile clea­ning is recom­men­ded. In this case each tube is clea­ned indi­vi­du­al­ly with washing water by means of a hori­zon­tal, moving washing arm.

Rota­ting tube cleaning

Rota­ting tube clea­ning is a very effi­ci­ent method for clea­ning the casing side (around the tubes). Each row of tubes is selec­tively and sepa­r­ate­ly clea­ned, which means tre­men­dous water savings.

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